4 Reasons Why Adoptive Parents Need a Family Lawyer

Many couples in Australia wish to become parents, but because of various circumstances, they are unable to do so. For example, expensive In vitro fertilization (IVF), lack of surrogate parents, and too much red tape in the adoption process are some of the major reasons couples struggle to have a child. However, all is not doom and gloom because, with a family lawyer, adoptive parents can be on their way to adopting a beautiful child without encountering emotional and systemic challenges that many couples endure. Here are a few benefits of having a family lawyer in your corner.

Helps Stop the Logjam in the Adoption Process -- The adoption process in Australia may seem like an eternity considering the lengthy processes that prospective parents have to go through before a child moves into their home. Besides the federal law, various states have regulations that govern the adoption process. A family lawyer can help sift through a tonne of paperwork and related legal processes before a judge signs off on the adoption. The lawyer will also represent you in filing relevant adoption documents in court promptly.

Interview Process -- Any adoptive parent has to go through an arduous interview process that helps child services officials determine the suitability of the adoptive couple for adopting a child. Most of these prospective parents are either unaware of such a process or do not know what is expected of them during the interview. An experienced adoption lawyer will prepare you for such an interview so that you approach it with confidence. In instances where you intend to adopt a child from outside Australia, stringent federal and state laws apply, which may require the assistance of a skilled lawyer.

Post-Adoption Process -- A family lawyer can help fast track the process of integrating the child into the new family after the adoption has been granted. For instance, if the child lives overseas, in the case of inter-country adoption, the lawyer will make necessary arrangements such as preparation of the child visa to enable entry into Australia. The family lawyer can also offer legal advice on meeting state requirements like ensuring the health and safety of the adopted child.

Mitigation of Legal Liabilities -- Several legal liabilities abound the adoption process if not properly executed. One example is when a child has been moving from one foster care to another in their lifespan. In this case, you may not know the identity of the child's biological parents. It is likely that such parents may present themselves in future and purport to lay their rightful claim to the child. However, with an astute lawyer, a challenge of this nature can be mitigated. The lawyer can prepare legal documents that once affirmed by the courts will give you the legal rights to the child.