Reasons Your Freelance Business Can Benefit from a Commercial Lawyer

When you hear the words commercial lawyer, you may think of large businesses or even Wall Street style legal aide. What you may not think of is your freelance business. The truth is, there are several benefits to using a commercial lawyer for your small business. Here are three of the top ways you can benefit from a commercial lawyer and their services.

Business to Business Contracts

One of the most important aspects to any freelance business transaction is the contract. The contract discusses the amount of pay, the work that will be completed for the pay, deadlines, and any dates pertaining to the work discussed within that contract. Though you may think this is something that is easy to draw up yourself, when it comes down to an issue, the contract you drew up may not be as legally binding as you think. You may find that you do not have the legal rights to seek money if the client does not pay or due to certain wording, the contract may not be binding at all. A commercial lawyer can ensure the wording is accurate, the contract is legally binding, and that it is notarized by a third party as well.

Sales Contract and Negotiations

Sales contracts are part of most freelance businesses. These contracts deal with more than a sales receipt or bill of sale. They also deal with warranties, returns, refunds, and related financial aspects of the sale. For example, you may sell refurbished appliances. Those appliances may sell for a certain amount of money that includes a 90-day warranty for certain parts. However, that warranty may not include delivery, pick-up, or labor. The sales contract, drawn up by a commercial lawyer, will list all of these aspects. In fact, the commercial lawyer you hire will also know what areas to cover of the sale that you may not think of until it is too late.

Debt Negotiation and Collection

Every business has a certain amount of clients that owe on their bills. They may not have paid for work that was completed or they may not have paid their bill on time. These issues may lead to a debt negotiation and collection option of some kind. This could be for a partial amount of the payment due, the full amount in payments, or a different payment plan. Your commercial lawyer can draw up contracts for debt negotiation and collection that are legally binding, but also work for both parties in the situation to fit budgets and to get you your payment.

These are three common transactions you deal with in your freelance work. By using a commercial lawyer you are certain that each of these common business transactions is legally binding. If you have other issues or business transactions that you feel a commercial lawyer may be able to assist you with, consider a consultation to discuss options and pricing.