How You Dress In Court Can Play A Big Role In Determining Your Sentence

When you are a defendant in court, having a lawyer beside you is a big plus if you want to convince the charge that you are innocent. But did you know that your dress code and general appearance can also have an influence on the judge's decision? In fact, a study by Cornell University reveals that attractive defendants are more likely to get light sentences as compared to defendants who are not well dressed; the study shows that less attractive defendants serve an average of 22 more months in prison. So how exactly are you supposed to look in court?

Dress in official wears

If you want to convince the judge or jury of your innocence, dressing in formal attire may come in handy. By formal dress code, it means a dark suit, white shirt and a tie for men. If you are a woman, wear a dress or a nice suit. But the dress should not expose your thighs. Dressing in official clothes gives the judge a positive impression of you, and hence it will earn you the benefit of the doubt. If the charges against you are small, your dress code might even tempt the judge to let go of the case. If they are major charges, you might get a lenient penalty.

Go for a clean and smart hairstyle

Your hairstyle is just as important as your dress code when it comes to convincing the judge. If you are a man, having a clean, short hairstyle is an advantage. If you are a woman, embrace a style that can perceive you as a humble person and more forthcoming. Ditch hairstyles that draw too much attention to you. Mohawk, for instance, is a style that draws plenty of attention, and such a style can galvanize the people against you. Also avoid adding things on your hair that will make the hair shine or appear greasy. Remember that you are trying to paint an innocent face, and such an act can send the wrong message to the judge. The judge may actually think that you are having a good time since you are able to add things to your hair to make it stand out.

Avoid dark glasses and jewelry

Wearing sunglasses and jewelry will not help you at all. If you wear dark colored or tinted sunglasses, people will find it hard to believe you because you have hidden your eyes. As for jewelry, avoid flashy jewelry such as bling. Functional jewelry like a wedding ring is fine though.